Influweb is an ISI Foundation scientific project that gathers information about the flu in Italy: it is based on health-condition reports that thousands of volunteers send each week.

To make this transfer of information quicker and easier, we created an app that complements the site. Both site and app display a map of Italy, updated in real-time, which shows the distribution of flu outbreaks in the region. Furthermore, both interfaces enable new users to fill in the registration survey and, to those already registered, the symptom survey.

In this sense, we created the software that produces the summary pages of the results, which are shown on graphs and area maps. It is an advanced tiling system that permits overlapping of the countries’ geographical areas and a heat map representation of the incidence data. Since 2013, we took charge of the management of the entire European network of InfluenzaNET, developing the data exchange interface to communicate with similar projects in USA and Australia.


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