Technology, by itself,
is useless.

In which the reader discovers what DNDG is, who its founders are and what principles inspire their work.


That technology, end in itself, is useless may seem provocative: especially if saying it are an engineer and a physicist. Nevertheless, what we think is this: our job is not to produce IT tools in series. What we do, what we love doing, is becoming our clients’ strategic partners. First of all, we have to understand exactly what their objectives are. Then, we suggest the IT tool that best suits their demands. Lastly, we develop the product: it could be an app, a website or a back office platform. It could be a management system or an extremely high-tech software. It makes no difference to us: as long as the tools we develop are useful, concrete and beautiful. And with beautiful, we mean straightforward, intuitive… visually flawless.